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Tree & shrub planting requires careful planning and meticulous procedures to choose the best options for your lawn. Greenblock is ready to help with any of your tree & shrub planting projects!

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Frequently Asked Questions About
Tree & Shrub Planting

How can planting a tree and/or a shrub benefit my lawn ?

Trees and shrubs can have a significant number of functionalities to further enhance the functionality and the visual appeal of your property.


• Acting as a windbreak (shelterbelt), trees & shrubs can provide shelter from the impact of wind and act as a protector on your soil from erosion.
• The rows of trees and/or shrubs can help you and others identify the clear set of borders for your property while eliminating the need of a fence or a wall.
• Additionally, by playing the potential role of borders, the trees & plants can provide privacy for property owners while enhancing the look of the site.

• They can be facilitated as ecological cleaners, resulting in cleaner air with higher levels of oxygen.

What is the difference between trees and a shrubs ?

In addition to their differences in plantation, shrubs and trees have different characteristics that can be identified. Trees often described with their “woody structure” are generally taller plants whereas, the shrubs are measured to be less than 3-4 metres. With the difference of the location of their stemming, shrubs demonstrate multiple stems from the ground, while trees stem from a singular trunk. Depending on the setting of your property and the soil it is located on, the expert team at Greenblock can help you determine which option(s) can provide the best results for your project!

What happens if there is an issue occurs after the completion of my tree & shrub planting project ?

In such cases, please contact Greenblock to inform about your issue. Doing so, a team expert will be at your site to evaluate the issue and provide the input to address the problem. All of our projects are insured & guarantees a warranty, therefore, in a possible incident of complications, Greenblock will not let their valued customers who have chosen their service down, as a company with the mission of providing the highest quality of standards in the industry.

Is there any safety concerns for my property in tree & shrub planting projects ?

It is completely reasonable to question the safety of any project that takes place in your valued site. Knowing this, with the 15+ years of expertise, the tools of the highest quality and the attention of a true professional, the team at Greenblock has handled 100s of commercial and residential projects across GTA. Safety and honesty are the top priorities on projects that are conducted by us, therefore, we assure every one of our projects with insurance & a warranty to alleviate the concerns of valued commercial and residential property owners across GTA.

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