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Property Maintenance For
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We are dedicated to make sure your property is looking better then the rest. Our professional staff takes the time with you to develop a maintenance program to make sure your property is beautifully maintained and looked after in every aspect. From are litter crew to our well trained knowledgeable turf care staff, and professional horticulturists that keeps your gardens, plants, and trees in perfect form, with personal care on every detail is what separates from the rest. From fixing sprinkler heads to concrete and interlock repairs, Greenblock’s professional construction crew can help you with every project.

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For All Your Landscaping Needs

Lawn Fertilizing

Keep your lawn healthy and green throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Lawn Aerating & De-Thatching

Ensure your lawn gets the aeration and de-thatching it needs to remain healthy.

Weed Control

Achieve a lush, weed-free lawn with our specialized service, tailored for every season.

Litter Control

Ensuring a pristine property with our thorough litter removal service.

Graffiti Removal

Restore the beauty of your property with our efficient and thorough graffiti removal services.

Power Sweeping

Our thorough sweeping service ensures your driveways, parking lots, and garages are impeccably clean.

Parking Lot Signage

installation of essential signs to guide and ensure safety in your parking areas.

Line Painting

Precision application of parking lot lines to enhance organization and safety in your parking areas.

Pothole Repair

Restoring your pavement to perfection, ensuring a safe, smooth drive on your property.

Concrete Repair

Restoring strength and appearance to your surfaces with our expert concrete repair services.

Garden Mulch Delivery

Enhance the look of your garden with garden mulch.

Garden Soil Delivery

Garden soil for new or existing garden beds.

Top Dressing & Seeding

Strengthen your lawn and make it greener than it was last year.

Flower Planting

Ensure your garden is fresh with new flowers throughout the warm months of the year.

Tree Planting & Removal

Add or remove trees to your commercial or residential property.

Power Sweeping Services

Clean your driveway, park lot, or parking garage with our professional power sweeping service.

Tree & Shrubs Burlapping

Maintain the look of your trees and shrubs on a seasonal basis.


A lawn irrigation service your can count on.

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Keep your property clean with an annual spring and fall cleanup.

Litter & Garbage Maintenance

Get litter and garbage removed from your property on a regular basis.

Sod Removal & Relay

Remove old sod and replace it with fresh sod giving your property an enhanced look.

Garden Bed Construction

Build a garden on your residential or commercial property.

Asphalt Repair

Repair or replace your properties asphalt.

Concrete Construction & Repairs

Enhance your property with concrete construction or repair of existing concrete.

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